Excellent solution for e-commerce owners

Shopping campaigns are one of the most valuable tools offered in the Google Ads for companies that carry out online retail sales. They allow to increase online traffic, reach valuable current and potential customers and increase reach. This format, in addition to the image of a product, its title and price, includes also name of the store and special offers. The ads are created based on the product data contained in the data feed that must be sent to the Merchant Center before the campaign starts. Thanks to the ability to automate data updates we can be sure that an advertisement displayed to the user is up-to-date and the product is available to them.

Google Ads advertisers have been using product campaigns for a long time, however, they sometimes resign due to slightly more difficult setting and creation of campaigns and large amount of time that must be spent to monitor the results and optimizations. Thanks to the new Google solution based on the machine learning algorithms, the product campaigns are now simpler and more accessible to advertisers, being more effective at the same time.

Smart Shopping Campaigns were presented in May 2018 and are already available for most advertisers from their accounts. How do they differ from shopping campaigns?

First of all, they are a combination of a «classic» shopping campaign and a remarketing campaign on the Display Network. This allows the system to display advertisements in various networks: search and advertising ones (Google, YouTube, Gmail).
Secondly, the previously mentioned machine learning algorithm completely automates bidding, scheduling and placement of ads to maximize conversions within the budget. In addition to maximizing clicks, target ROAS and maximizing conversion values, a smart shopping campaign will have several additional goals aimed at increasing the number of visits to stores and attracting new customers.

What should be remembered of before starting the campaign:

  • Tracking of transaction related conversion values should be configured on the Google Ads account, so that we can learn about the effectiveness of clicks on the ad.
  • A global site tag generated in the Google Ads account must be placed on the site (also the Google Analytics tag can be used if the accounts are linked). This will allow displaying ads in dynamic remarketing.
  • Your account must have at least 20 conversions in the last 45 days generated by existing Shopping campaigns.

Smart shopping campaigns have been already tested by several major advertisers in various countries. Some examples of effective implementation of the new type of campaigns are presented below.

GittiGidiyor, eBay[1]

GittiGidiyor, that has tried smart shopping campaigns is a leading e-commerce player in Turkey. 20 million registered users and 85 million avg. visits per page monthly — GittiGidiyor sells an article every second. Striving for innovation, the company is eager to testing new technologies to achieve better results.


  • Maximizing sales at the highest ROAS rate,
  • Extending the reach,
  • Reduction of time-consuming manual work.


  • 28% increase in ROAS rate,
  • by 4% higher sales with expenses lower by 18%,
  • by 17% higher conversion rate on computers and mobile devices,
  • by 17% higher revenue from conversions,
  • 4% increase in conversions on mobile devices, by 11% higher average order value (AOV).

Svyaznoy | Euroset[2]

The largest retail network in Russia in the advanced technologies segment. 5.5 thousand stores in 1300 cities, over 30,000 business advisors who serve over 2 million customers a day. The company is a leader in the e-commerce sector in its segment, still actively developing its online sales platform and implementing the omnichannel development strategy.


  • increase of online sales, while maintaining the targeted CPA of 1000 RUB at the same time,
  • increase of ROI to 4000% and share of costs up to 2.5%,
  • maximization of revenues within costs from the previous ERS of 2.5%.


  • 316% increase in online sales,
  • 400% increase in revenue from shopping campaigns at CPA of 1000 RUB and ROAS of 4000%.

The new generation of shopping campaigns allows to use the possibilities of automation and data-driven machine learning algorithms and is an effective solution for companies selling online and offline.

The step-by-step instruction for creating a smart shopping campaign can be found on the Google Ads support website.


autor: Wladyslaw Los, Team Leader SRD team in G Partner


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