The employees’ view

  • At G Partner we have a great team. Despite many nationalities in one place, there is an amazing team spirit. This work is very exciting, because there is always something going on in this business. There's a lot to do!
  • A lot is going on here everyday. But don't be misled, because at G Partner the competence areas are clearly specified. Each and every department has its own training program, where the newest internet marketing tools are presented. It is simply easier in a clear structure, we are up-to-date with the new technologies and at the same time we exactly know how we are supposed to do our tasks. I also like it here because I can work on complex and ambitious projects!
  • G Partner is like a big family. It is loud and crowded here, yet very nice. People really support themselves and the good example comes from above. My experience in internet marketing was tiny, but with the vigilant eye of the manager I could quickly grow into the job. As a foreigner I appreciate the support from the company, which was helpful in many formal issues, and simply in finding myself in new city. It may seem as a minor detail, but to me it means a lot!

Arteria G Partner Sp. z o.o.