Our team

Arteria G Partner is composed of truly multicultural teams at the heart of Warsaw

We are almost 200! We speak 9 languages and work in a fully international environment! We prove that by having good working relationships, we create sincere relations and coherent teams.
We are one of the largest employers for foreigners in Poland. We learn a lot from each other, we have access to the best training and workshops. We are fluent in business marketing and online advertising in Poland and abroad.
We love what we do! We are professionals in launching and optimizing internet advertising campaigns.


Ads Account Strategist

My idea for myself? I study what I like and I work where I want to. That’s a perfect combination. At the University I learn the theory and at G Partner I use it in practice. That is my first professional experience with online marketing domain and experienced specialists working on AdWords’ strategies. I like the fact that together, we create the custom-made concepts. This is an approach that I learn during my PR and Advertising Strategies studies.

There is one more thing that fascinates me – NOVELTIES! I can’t stand still, this is not my character. I love new trends, that is why I like to benefit from the access to all trainings and I feel that I develop rapidly.

Travelling and discovering new cultures is what energizes me.


Agency Development Manager

Due to my roots and Romanian language skills, I am responsible for consulting alongside complex support engagements for the Romanian interactive and advertizing agencies. I verify at which level they stand in terms of competence and skills helping them to develop products’ and sales’ strategies, which will fully use the potential which lies within AdWords.

In my case the decision to join G Partner was a fast one. After the first meeting in the company, I was sure that this was the team I wanted to join. My experience is that the friendly atmosphere accompanied with newest technologies is a recipy for work satisfaction.

In my free time I like to learn foreign languages but the closest to my heart is active painting.


Project Manager Agency

Before I joined G Partner, I have been working in sales and business partnership in multiple industries for many years. My professional experience turned out to be useful in new job, so I could quickly develop good working relationships with our clients and within the team. Now I can use that experience to help others.

At G Partner I see a real possibility for professional development. I am responsible for managing two agency teams which operate on the Polish and Czech markets. I am responsible for consulting, sales advising and development of the advertising and interactive agencies.

Privately I am fascinated with sailing, I spend a lot of time on water.


Agency Account Strategist

I focus on creating strategies with regards to the development of advertising agencies on the Ukrainian market, which is very close to me. I am an individualist, so I strongly avoid templates at work, I prefer to treat every task individually and approach it with a fresh idea. I work at G Partner because we share the same way of thinking!

I like to be up-to-date with marketing news as well as with those that excite me personally. I spend a lot of spare time on sports activities and this is only one of my interests.


Product Trainer

I am one of the internal coaches at G Partner. It is my responsibility to make sure that my colleagues’ skills and competences develop as fast as the whole online marketing business, that is constantly evolving!

Every new G Partner employee takes part in an onboarding programme. The complexity of this process required working on an appropriate implementation methodology, based on knowledge and experience. I also provide the sales’ skills development programmes. Although, to be honest, my favorite ones are certified products’ trainings. Similarly to the on-boarding programme, in G Partner we dispose of a set of individual and group trainings conducted by internal coaching team.

I like this international environment. Every day is a good opportunity to practice foreign languages, in fact I use four of them here.

In my free time I relax doing DIY and travelling.


HR Manager

I work at the company since its beginning. As a HR Manager, I am fully responsible for the sourcing process and coordination of different forms of reaching the best candidates – from the announcements to cooperating with recruitment agencies. I have created the relocation programme for the employees from abroad.

I was encouraged to work for G Partner by the company’s dynamics, the speed of development and the possibility to carry out projects on Polish as well as on six foreign markets. Everyday, a lot is going on in such a complex organization!

I really like working with other people, especially from foreign cultures. It is a big challenge to be able to reach out to a person, who lives hundreds or thousands kilometers away and to convince that person to move to a new country to start a new career.
After work I like to charge my batteries by traveling and spending time with my family and friends.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I am a member of the management team in G Partner. I am responsible for strategic goals, initiatives and decisions that influence the whole organisation. Together with our vision and efforts, these made our company grow in only six years to become one of the world’s biggest global vendors of our main partner.

G Partner’s successes are possible thanks to our people, their engagement and energy. Thanks to them our company develops and we achieve good results. It is my role to provide them with the best working conditions and to create unique atmosphere, that helps with accomplishment of ambitious projects.

What is my biggest motivation? Surely the constant change, working on continuous operational improvements, building new teams, developing them and creating the unique environment, where everybody feels well.

I spend my free time on outdoor activities.

Arteria G Partner Sp. z o.o.