We are growing! New G Partner’s office, August 2018

We present to you our new office. The G Partner’s premises are still located at Stawki Street 2A in the Muranów district in Warsaw. However, as a result of progressive technological and reorganisational changes, as well as growing awareness of the needs of our employees, we have renovated the office space, making it not only more user-friendly but, above all, facilitating communication in our international environment.

Red carpet, Prosecco, delicious food, buzz, energy and endless conversations during the opening ceremony of the new G Partner office space. Inspiring speech of our COO, Bartek Sędek and our one and only special guest – Iwona Guzowska. These are just few memorable moments from this fantastic event. We are growing! There is the power! Many thanks to Anna Szczepkowska from VisualCoach for great visualizations.

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